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A special thank you

Hi Glenn

I meant to write you a personal note but time has flown so thought is quicker to email you.

First of all huge congrats for the wonderful NMHP conference you and your team organised at the convention centre. I cannot begin to tell you how privileged and grateful I was to be present at this memorable conference and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to attend.

This was a large organisational effort by you and your amazing team and you should all be commended for the outstanding presenters on the day! Congratulations!!

Glenn I learnt so much by being in attendance so for nurses the information they received through presentations was fabulous. To also hear the journey of nurses who turned to the NMHP for help was emotional and rewarding at the same time.

This gives me the opportunity to say how extremely grateful I am personally to you, Natalie and the team who helped her to make the journey from hell to living a normal life again. I know there were other providers involved throughout Danielle's journey but the NMHP and especially Natalie helped to guide her to the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel very indebited to you all because I felt I had lost my loving daughter forever and now she has returned again and it feels like a miracle Glenn. Over the years I had given up hope that Danielle would ever be her previous self again, so to see her presentation on 8th May brought me to tears and this was capped off by the choir presentation.

As a parent to see the result of the support given by the NMHP to help my daughter return to a normal life is really unbelievable.

Sincere thanks to everyone involved in Danielle's rehabilitation especially darling Natalie.

To you all - YOU are the angel sitting on my shoulder saying "don't give up" !! The precious staff at NMHP gave Danielle the strength to continue on her path to wellness and recovery!  And everyone at NMHP has touched Danielle's life in some way.

As Danielle's mother I can fully understand why she loves being a Champion with NMHP and why she feels so honoured to do whatever she can to promote the NMHP wellness program.

If my husband was alive - for him to be at the conference on the 8th may and listen to your outstanding presenters and hear Danielle's story would have left his heart at peace forever!

I wanted to speak you at the convention but understood how busy you were Glenn.

THANK YOU all so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the privilege of attending the conference and learning so much by listening to all the fabulous presenters!

I will be forever grateful to the team at NMHP for helping my daughter leave the dark days behind and finding the light in her life again!

Kindest regards to you and your remarkable team Glenn.

Best wishes always.

Yvonne Jaeger