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Case Studies

Substance Use Case Study

“I had been worried about my level of alcohol consumption for a while. As a nurse I knew I couldn’t keep on drinking at the level I had been, without compromising my health and drinking myself to an early grave. I couldn’t sleep without alcohol. I’d tried not drinking for a period of weeks at a time without success, so back to drinking.


Mental Health Case Study

“I am a well educated, highly credentialed registered nurse with 22 years experience. I have worked in an incredibly busy ICU at a large, metropolitan teaching hospital for the last 12 years. I’m highly respected and valued by my nursing and medical colleagues. I have no ambition to climb the ladder but I have been happy to act in the role of Unit Manager over the years.


Mental Health Case Study (Employer Assistance)

“I’d suspected for a while that Lisa wasn’t functioning well. I knew she had been experiencing some personal problems with her relationship and that she’d had to deal with troubles in her family but she hadn’t raised anything directly with me so I chose to hold off on saying anything to her.