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NMHPV Champion Program

An unexpected by-product of the 2013 Wellness Conference was the incredible generosity and goodwill extended by so many colleagues toward the NMHPV. Many delegates offered to spread the word about this unique organisation on their return to work.

As a result of this groundswell the ‘NMHP Champion Program’ was established. On behalf of our team I would like to invite you to contact us to express an interest in becoming a ‘NMHP Champion’.

By becoming a ‘NMHP Champion’ you will be helping to promote the benefits of good health and the importance of seeking help early. You will also have access to NMHPV staff for support in managing any challenges you may face in the role.

NMHPV Champions are trained to identify colleagues in need of support, empowered to start the conversation where they see help may be required and advised on how the NMHPV can be engaged to assist everyone involved. They are also provided with resources and support information, and simple self-care ideas and strategies to not only support themselves but those in their workplace, families and communities.

Living and working outside of Melbourne is NOT an impediment. In fact we welcome interest from Victorian regional and rural based nurses and midwives! Colleagues from outside of Victoria are welcome to contact us to discuss the program.

So how do you get involved?

Simply complete the online form to register your interest and we'll record your details and invite you to our next NMHP Champion Training event.