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Share the Day

Share the Create Your Own Healthy Footprint

Conference held on Friday 8 May 2015 by viewing

the videos and presentation notes.

The Program


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Successfully managing your stress and you

Dr caroline West

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Carolyn McDonald

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Building resilience for personal wellness

Jackie Furey

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Liz Stringer

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Recovery through a consumer's eyes

Danielle Jaeger and Natalie Spencer

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Practical strategies for individual wellness

Mark Bunn

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NMHPV Champion program: Promotion in practice

Camille Shaw

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Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Dr Russ Harris

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Brunswick Women's Choir

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Image Gallery

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Danielle Jaeger

NMHPV consumer

Danielle has been a Paediatric Nurse for over 12 years and has specialised in various areas. Danielle is a NMHP Champion. As a champion she is very enthusiastic and passionate about educating Nurses and Midwives on the importance of the Nursing Midwifery Health Program.

Her passion lies in Nurses’ health and well being. In particular she enjoys mentoring the future of Nursing - Undergraduate Nursing students and Nurses who are undertaking their Graduate year. Danielle believes it’s particularly vital to support and nurture Nurses and Midwives in all aspects of their well being.