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NMHPV successful through its second QIP Accreditation cycle

Glenn Taylor, CEO, NMHP Victoria

I am delighted to announce the NMHP has been successful in meeting, and in some areas exceeding, the required systems standards through our external quality accreditation review, which ensures we retain our position as a ‘QIP Accredited Organisation’ for a further three years.


The NMHP underwent a more rigorous, external review as part of our second cycle conducted between 2 & 4 May this year. It is a long and challenging process which requires the dedication and commitment of our staff over the 3 years between reviews.  


As a service we are very proud to have this acknowledgement and along with the team I would like to thank our Board of Directors and our members (ANMF Vic Branch & AHPRA) for their work and support throughout. I would also like to acknowledge and thank our numerous consumers and industry stakeholders who actively participated in the review process as a requirement of the process. They have been so generous in supporting us to not only survive these past few years, but to thrive in the face of our numerous challenges.


You will notice the QIP Accreditation logo on future NMHP publications and communications.

I welcome contact from our stakeholders regarding our accreditation and any other matters.