Glenn Taylor

Chief Executive Officer, RN

Mark Aitken

Deputy Director, RN

Anna Moriarty

Senior Clinician,

Credentialed Mental Health Nurse

Carolyn McDonald

Senior Clinician, RN

Jo Watson

Senior Clinician, RM

Jordan Stephenson

Senior Clinician, RN

Kayanne Breinstampf

Senior Clinician, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse

Lea Fitcher

Senior Clinician, RM

Mike Moldrich

Senior Clinician, RN

Murray Bardwell

Senior Clinician, RN

Natalie Murphy

Senior Clinician, RN

Rosemary Lalor

Senior Clinician, RN

Roslyn Scholz

Senior Clinician, RN

Tanja Frijlink

Senior Clinician, RN

Janine Cull

Social Worker (MSW)

CPHPV Telephone Clinician

Julie Ferrier

Office Manager

Natalie Wloch

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Nicole Gordon

Office Manager

Rachael Pallenberg

Quality Consultant

Board of Directors

Ms Heather Pickard, Chair

Mr James Houghton

Associate Clinical Professor Kath Riddell

Mr Chris Hynan

Ms Fiona Whitecross

Heather Pickard

Following a personal experience of recovery from addiction, Heather directed her career as a registered nurse toward the alcohol and other drug (AOD) and mental health sectors.  She established the Hospital Liaison Team (now known as Addiction Medicine), advising hospitals in building capacity for acute AOD presentations, and later founded the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria, which addresses the sensitive health needs of nurses and midwifes.  Since 2006, Heather has been CEO of the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC), a sector leader in lived experience AOD work, with varied programs covering service user advocacy, family therapy and support, supported residential recovery and peer workforce development.

James Houghton

Born in the UK, growing up in NZ and then moving to Melbourne in 2005, James is a credentialed mental health nurse with 42 years’ experience in a variety of clinical mental health settings. James is also a registered general nurse. He is currently employed as a Nurse/Training and Wellbeing Consultant for North Western Mental Health and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. James is also chair of the Victorian Branch of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. As well as his full time position, James works as a consultant to Thorne Harbour Health Alcohol and Other Drug team for same-sex attracted men with substance use concerns, specifically related to meth use. James was project co-lead in the development of the Clinical Supervision for Mental Health Nurses Framework, released by the Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse (DHHS) in 2018. James considers himself very lucky to be able to say that, even after 40+ years, he enjoys nursing now more than when he started.

Associate Clinical Professor Kath Riddell

Associate Clinical Professor Kath Riddell is the Chief Nursing Midwifery Officer at Eastern Health and Executive Director of Learning and Teaching. She has a vision to bring all health professionals together to deliver excellence in practice, embrace learning and transform healthcare.

Kath began her career at Alfred Health. She has a clinical background in critical care nursing, and specialised in trauma intensive care nursing.

Mr Chris Hynan

Chris currently manages Nexus Dual Diagnosis Consultation Service and the Department of Addiction Medicine at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne. Chris has a professional background in Nursing - originally a mental health (MH) nurse he has also done General nursing and specialised for over 20 years in Child and Adolescent MH. Over his career he has always had a keen interest and passion for working with complex clients, their families and the equally complex service systems that support them. In addition he has worked as an alcohol and other drug (AOD) worker in the Adolescent Forensic space for a number of years; and in his current Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Medicine roles continues to actively engage with and support treatment and support services for people impacted by addiction and related health issues.

Fiona Whitecross

Fiona is a credentialed mental health nurse with 24 years experience in a variety of mental health settings. Fiona’s current role is Operations Manager for the Psychiatry inpatient program at the Alfred. Fiona has spent the past 10 years managing acute care settings.

Fiona was awarded a Victorian Travelling Fellowship in 2006 to explore seclusion reduction initiatives internationally, and these learning’s informed the Department of Health seclusion reduction initiatives. In 2019, Fiona was awarded the Alfred chairman of the board award for patient safety and quality improvement for her work in this area and the Alfred Research Award. Fiona has contributed to the evidence base with published research concerning the benefits of early intervention and prevention approaches in acute care settings. Fiona speaks regularly at conferences and other forums sharing her passion for a coercive free mental health treatment environment. Fiona is a member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Finance and Audit Committee. Fiona spends her spare time playing the bagpipes, cooking up storms and sharing food with friends.

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