'Thank you so much for your support, it has given me peace and closure. I hope you are able to assist others as well as you have me. It is a truly unique service' (Participant 2017)

'The NMHPV has the unique ability to fully understand the often challenging culture of the health care environment which in-turn establishes credibility and trust between participant and employer' (DON 2017)

'Your program is such a valuable resource, contact and outstanding support for Nurses. I feel privileged as a mother of a nurse who has used the NMHPV to know nurses are offered such fabulous support by your service and organisation' (Participant’s mother 2017)

'First of all huge congrats for the wonderful NMHP conference you and your team organised at the convention centre. I cannot begin to tell you how privileged and grateful I was to be present at this memorable conference and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to attend.'

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'It was such a relief to find a peer based support service that provided me with confidential assistance for my delicate health concerns. The experience empowered me to make the changes I needed.' (Participant, 2016)

'The understanding, care, compassion and guidance I needed is just what I got from the NMHP. The support I received was real, practical and so very helpful. I’m in a much better place now. Thank you!' (Participant, 2016)

'Having access to a qualified, experienced and trusted support who spoke the same language as me, made my approach to managing my sick employee so much easier. It took away all the guess work and allowed me to share my concerns.' (Manager, 2016)

'I believe without this service I would be yet another statistic or a permanent mental health care recipient. My deepest thanks to all. I owe you my life' (Participant)

'Thank you for all the support you provided not only our staff member but me as their employer. The journey can be challenging and I'm grateful you were there for us both' (Employer)

'Your program provides much needed alternative support and guidance for employers. It's such a complex process at times. I'm indebted to you' (Employer)

'What an incredible resource! Accessible, timely, supportive, practical, helpful. I couldn't have helped my staff member without the NMHP' (Employer)

'I didn't know where to start in helping my employee. You made the process and the journey so clear. Knowing you are there is an enormous relief. Keep it up' (Employer)

'I cannot put a price on how much your program means to me. It is a life-saver’ (Participant)

'You showed me great empathy and understanding whilst I gained so much insight into my health concerns. I now have a much better quality of life' (Participant)

'Without the NMHP I don't believe I could have been so successful with my recovery. The compassion and understanding extended to me was incredible' (Participant)

'You opened my eyes to my life long problems and then you helped me do something positive with my life. Thanks so much' (Participant)

'I dreaded that first meeting with you but I'm so glad I got there. I needed the NMHP. Your support helped lift the fog and it's let the light in again' (Participant)

'I'm so much richer emotionally and mentally because of the NMHP. I can't describe the care, compassion and support I was shown. Thank you' (Participant)

'It was a great adjunct support to my regular counselling as it is career-specific. I highly recommend it to others. Keep up the great work' (Participant)

'What a relief to know someone out there understands and I'm not the only one going through this! It's invaluable' (Participant)


'As nurses it is essential that we have this service. I was so used to giving, so learning about me and learning to care for me was wonderful' (Participant)