The Role of a NMHPV Champion

The role of a NMHP Champion

To showcase the NMHP to their organisation

To raise awareness of the NMHP and highlight positive health information amongst their nursing/midwifery colleagues

To assist their nursing/midwifery colleagues to understand how and when the NMHP can be of assistance

To present NMHP information to ‘our’ colleagues via local presentations and NMHP printed material

To inform ‘our’ colleagues of the referral pathways to the NMHP

To highlight the experiences that nurses/midwives confront in the role and to help challenge the stigma attached to seeking help

To distribute NMHP promotional materials

The time required to be a NMHP Champion

This is entirely up to what any individual nurse/midwife has available to offer

The NMHP will be very happy to discuss the options and share ideas of how current Champions use their time

The benefits of the NMHP Champion

Provides individual Champions and their organisations with knowledge of the NMHP and how to promote the Program

Creates awareness of the issues, challenges and concerns that nurses/midwives encounter

Provides nurses/midwives with empowered colleagues who are confident to speak about the NMHP and distribute positive health messages

Empowers Champions to speak confidently with their organisation leaders about the issues and supports available

Adds valuable information, resources and links to the Champion’s place of employment

What is not required of the NMHP Champion

The NMHP Champion is NOT to be a counsellor, gate keeper or provider of these services

It is NOT to interfere with the Champion’s employed position as a nurse/midwife AND IS designed to add value to their paid role within their organisation

It is NOT to come at a cost to the Champion or their organisation

It is NOT designed to take priority over their paid employment

The supports available to the NMHP Champion

Access to NMHP staff who will provide support, information, guidance and assistance with managing any challenges faced in the role

Ongoing links and connections to their fellow Champions

Opportunities to learn about new initiatives in self-care

Access to regular correspondence and contemporary health information

Electronic and printed NMHP materials available at call

How do I become a NMHP Champion?


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