NMHPV Wellness Conference 2013

23 May 2013

The Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria conference theme of Wellness was chosen to signify a state of being which we believe is something we should all strive to achieve, maintain and enjoy.

This year’s conference featured an exciting, innovative and engaging program. It addressed work/life balance, shift work challenges and exposed participants to new and simple ideas for getting the best from their body.

Importantly it was a valuable opportunity for participants to stop, breathe, laugh and care for their most important asset, themselves.

Glenn Taylor, Chief Executive Officer

Nursing & Midwifery Health Program, Victoria

Speaker Notes

» Mindfulness for resilience, wellbeing and sustainable performance

Dr Craig Hassed, Senior Lecturer

Department of General Practice, Monash University

» Achieving your NATURAL HIGH (Additional resources)

Mark Bunn, Wellbeing and life change authority

Nurses heal the world

Monique Brumby

‘Creating inspiration, health and success through music’   

First performed at the Nurses & Midwives Wellness Conference, 24 May 2013.

Monique Brumby is a music facilitator and producer, a songwriter, live performer and motivational speaker. Monique was drawn to helping people early on in her life when she realised the profound difference connecting our head, heart and soul made to the success and significance of our lives and the lives of the people around us. She has spent many hours face to face listening to individuals, couples, families and groups talking about what matters most to them and why.

For more information, visit:

» www.facebook.com/moniquebrumby

» www.moniquebrumby.com

Video Credits

Published 25 May 2013

Monique Brumby: Facilitator/Song Composition/Music Production; Daniel Marolla: Audio Engineer/Video Direction: Sue Clark: Camera, Emma Phillips: Camera

Nurses: Awesome Dancing, Singing, Dedication & Passion.

NMHPV, Does it make a difference to nurses’ and midwives’ health?

Panel Participants

Glenn Taylor (CEO, NMHPV), Belinda Morieson (Founding Chair, NMHPV), Greg Miller (Chair, Victorian Board of the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia), Dr Bridget Hamilton (School of Health Sciences, University of Melbourne), Lucy Cuddihy (Executive Director, Nursing & Midwifery Services, Barwon Health).

Achieving your NATURAL HIGH, how to have high energy, low stress, life balance & work success

Mark Bunn

Achieving your NATURAL HIGH, how to have high energy, low stress, life balance & work success. Mark is a wellbeing and life change authority.