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Health and Wellbeing Self Assessment

Tick any of the following statements that are true.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the day ahead?

Are you running on empty?

Do you feel out of control and powerless in directing your life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the simplest of things?

Do you feel ineffective and unimportant?

Do you feel alone?

Are you tired, grumpy, irritable and hard to get on with?

Have you lost your spark and zest for work or life?

Do you rely on alcohol or drugs?

Does your mood change if you do not have alcohol or drugs?

Is your alcohol or drug use making you unwell?

Are you forgetting important things in your work or private life?

Do you feel shame or paranoia about your substance use?

Are others commenting negatively on your alcohol or drug use?

Your Total Score:

If you scored YES to 4 or more questions you may benefit from a confidential
conversation with the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria.

Disclaimer: This is not a diagnostic tool but rather a guide for general wellbeing.