Australian Nursing Journal

» Become a NMHP Champion

Australian Nursing Journal August 2013

On the 24th May this year over 900 nurses, midwives and students from across Australia gathered at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre for the second ‘Nurses & Midwives Wellness Conference’.

» Welcome to wellness

Australian Nursing Journal February 2013

On behalf of everyone at the NMHP I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to you, to attend the 2nd ‘Nurses & Midwives Wellness Conference’ in Melbourne on Friday 24th May 2013.

» An update on our future!

Australian Nursing Journal December 2012

I am writing to update you on our funding position. As you are aware our current funds expire on 30th June 2013. I am pleased to advise we have secured funding for an additional 12 months from the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

» Breaking down the barriers of support!

Australian Nursing Journal October 2012

In 2005, a group of nurses who identified as ‘substance dependent’ and experiencing impaired health due to their substance use courageously volunteered to participate in a confidential focus group. This activity was designed to collect their opinions on what barriers existed for them in seeking help with this very sensitive health issue.

» Drugs, alcohol and nurses' mental health

Australian Nursing Journal September 2012

Drug and alcohol use can become a compelling health issue for nurses themselves, as it is across the community (Monroe and Kenega 2011). The Nursing and Midwifery Health Program (NMHP) since its inception has sought to provide support and assistance for nurses with issues relating to substance use and more recently with high prevalence mental health concerns.

» Making a healthy transformation!

Australian Nursing Journal August 2012

Back in June I was a guest of the ANF Victorian Branch at its Delegates Conference. This is an annual opportunity the NMHP is given to meet hundreds of our industry colleagues. We enjoy the chance to share important health messages with this group and to start conversations about their health challenges.

» A sobering reflection!

Australian Nursing Journal June 2012

Research undertaken by the University of Queensland (UQ) and University of Otago (UO) found 14% of over 4400 nurses in the study engaged in harmful daily drinking. This places nursing in the top 10 of professions that abuse alcohol (Nursing Review, March 2012).

» Graduate succeeds against the odds!

Australian Nursing Journal April 2012

Two years ago the NMHP was approached by a nurse experiencing a health impairment. She was highly distressed and anxious. She linked her presentation to a recent – and relatively brief – episode of workplace bullying.

» Promoting your health over the holiday season!

Australian Nursing Journal December 2011

The New National Guidelines for Alcohol Consumption (NNGAC) recommend for healthy men and women, drinking no more than two standard drinks on any day as it reduces the risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury over a lifetime.

» ‘Nurses’ bravery and compassion on show’

Australian Nursing Journal August 2011

Back in June the NMHP attended the ANF (Victoria Branch) ‘Professional Issues Conference’ in Melbourne. It was a great opportunity to participate in an event which exposed us to many diverse areas of practice and provided us with valuable industry updates from the ANF, AHPRA and Victorian Nursing & Midwifery Office.

» Alcohol and Drug Nursing

Australian Nursing Journal July 2011

A career in nursing provides great opportunities to work in a range of speciality areas and settings. This can lead to any number of interesting and rewarding work experiences. One important specialty within our profession and one which is often under recognised is that of the alcohol and drug nurse.

» Prevention: a helpful addition to our health toolkit

Australian Nursing Journal June 2011

For many, it takes for us to be confronted by an adverse event which has serious implications for our health, or the news we’ve developed an ailment, illness or condition before we choose to address the underlying factors which led to this occurring.

» A New Era in Nurse & Midwife Health

Australian Nursing Journal April 2011

Since August 2006 almost 500 of our nursing and midwifery colleagues in Victoria have sought help and support from the Victorian Nurses Health Program with their sensitive health needs. The VNHP, originally developed to support our colleagues whose health was impaired due to their substance use has also been supporting nurses and midwives with high prevalence mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety and depression since 2007.

» Planning a Healthy 2011

Australian Nursing Journal February 2011

As we welcome in the New Year it is an ideal time to pause, reflect and ask ourselves what kind of year we would like to experience in 2011. Within the workplace it’s a chance to review our overall work circumstances. A chance to ask ourselves whether our position, role and function within our department and organisation continue to satisfy us. It’s an opportunity to assess whether the role is meeting our professional needs, whether the job satisfaction continues and to review our contribution to the organisation, team and ultimately the consumer. Am I making a positive difference through my contribution?

» Promoting your health over the festive season!

Australian Nursing Journal December 2010

December in Australia for many is an opportunity to rule a line under another year, to reflect on the past twelve months and wonder what’s ahead. It coincides with Christmas which is a significant event on the Australian calendar. Our society places great importance on it and it is commonplace to gather with family and friends to celebrate this event annually.

» Collegial Support Critical for Nurse and Midwife Health

Australian Nursing Journal November 2010

Several hundred of our colleagues from around Victoria and interstate gathered in Melbourne on September 10 for the inaugural VNHP Nurses & Midwives Wellness Conference. Those in attendance heard from a variety of inspirational speakers. I trust the messages conveyed on the day will resonate with everyone and each of those who attended took something beneficial away from the day.

» The Nurse Manager: A vital link in the wellness chain!

Australian Nursing Journal September 2010

A nurse manager’s life is a diverse one! The demands of the role and the responsibilities associated can be enormous and whilst it comes with its rewards it is also a role that provides a range of challenges.

» Tackling alcohol addiction

Australian Nursing Journal July 2010

Being a member of one of the most trusted professions in the country can be burdensome if an individual believes they are underperforming in their role. This burden can increase when they realise their performance is impaired due to behaviours they think they should be able to control.

» Secure Your Mask – Nurses and Midwives Urged to Take Care

Australian Nursing Journal May 2010

At the Victorian Nurses Health Program the nurses and midwives we see have a tendency for neglecting and sacrificing their own health and wellbeing for the sake of others. Whilst this is a commendable characteristic the responsibility for our health must start with each of us.