Episode 1

Keys to a nurse or midwife thriving in recovery from their alcohol or other drug (AOD) addiction (a personal story)

Twenty-six years into recovery, Heather Pickard, a registered nurse and Chair of the NMHPV Board, shares her personal journey of a nurse in recovery from addiction. She shares her thoughts on the risks for nurses and midwives in relation to developing addiction, the reasons people may not seek support, the importance of self-care and maintaining a healthy work and life balance, and how to access support.

Host: Mark Aitken | Guest: Heather Pickard | Duration: 34:24 | Published: 30 May 2020

Tags: Alcohol and/or Other Drugs, Addiction, Recovery, Nurse impairment, Midwife impairment


Podcast Series: Conversations that Connect

Welcome to our podcast series, ‘Conversations that Connect’

We’re pleased to connect with you and share relevant and practical information to assist in enhancing your health and wellbeing.

The topics we have planned are based on what you’re telling us is important to you. We hope you find this podcast series both enjoyable and informative.

Please email your feedback and ideas for future podcasts to Mark Aitken at sepo@nmhp.org.au

About Our Host: Mark Aitken

Mark Aitken is the Deputy Director of the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) and the host of our podcast series, ‘Conversations that Connect’. Mark has worked at the NMHPV for over three years and was part of the team who set up Nurse & Midwife Support.

Mark has been a proud registered nurse for over 30 years. He has worked in many and varied areas of nursing and midwifery, including general surgical and medical units, critical care, sexual and reproductive health, education, research, project management, maternity services and residential, community and specialty aged care services.

Mark is passionate about ensuring nurses, midwives and students have support for any issue whenever they need it. You care for others, so let us care for YOU.


Episode 2

How to deal with stress during crisis and check that you and those around you are okay

Sam Eddy, a health, wellbeing and stress management expert, talks about stress and crisis, how you can understand your stress response and establish your wellbeing anchors to support your health. Sam provides information, resources and tips for how to look after yourself, take your stress temperature and check in with a friend, family member or colleague who needs support.

Host: Mark Aitken | Guest: Sam Eddy | Duration: 47:27 | Published: 8 September 2020

Tags: Nurse health, Midwife health, Mental Health, Managing Stress, Anxiety, Wellbeing



Episode 3

Tips for nurses and midwives on how to make health, wellbeing and self-care a priority with a bonus

mindfulness activity

Carolyn McDonald is a registered nurse and Senior Clinician with NMHPV and an Iyengar yoga teacher. She provides advice, tips and techniques for how students, graduates, early career nurses and midwives can nurture your emotional, physical and spiritual health. This includes how to establish self-care as a routine so it becomes part of your nursing and midwifery toolkit to refresh and restore your health and wellbeing.

Host: Mark Aitken | Guest: Guest: Carolyn McDonald | Duration: 42:00 | Published: 3 October 2020

Tags: Nurse health, Midwife health, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Self-care, Mindfulness, Yoga  



Episode 4

Have you ever wondered why Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) has a focus on family violence?

Rachael Pallenberg works as the Quality and Safety Co-ordinator with NMHPV and leads the Strengthening Responses to Family Violence Project. She has extensive experience working with victim survivors experiencing family violence. Rachael provides her knowledge, experience, wisdom and resources in relation to the complex issue that is family violence. Additionally, a range of information, resources and supports are provided.

Host: Mark Aitken | Guest: Rachael Pallenberg | Duration: 39:36 | Published: 21 May 2021

Tags: Nurse Health, Midwife Health, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Family Violence, Domestic Violence