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NMHPV Contacts

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm

Phone: 03 9415 7551 | Email: admin@nmhp.org.au

Level 1, 110 Church Street, Richmond Victoria 3065


Accessing Our Service

We accept referrals from anyone associated with nurses, midwives and nursing/midwifery students.



» NMHPV Information Brochure

» NMHPV Model of Care

» Health & Wellness Self-Assessment Guide

» Self Care Guide

Monday Night Wellness Group

The Wellness Group provides a safe place for nurses and midwives to share their challenges, receive peer support and seek professional advice.


Other Services

» Nurse & Midwife Support

» Your nearest Mental Health Service

» Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre

» DirectLine

» Tranquilliser Recovery and New Existence

» Narcotics Anonymous

» Alcoholics Anonymous

» Australian Drug Foundation

» Family Drug Help

» Beyond Blue

» Lifeline

» Al-Anon (for concerned friends and family)

Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) was initially developed to support nurses and midwives to address the health concerns related to their alcohol and other drug use. This continues to be a priority for our service.

A qualification and experience in nursing or midwifery does not ensure immunity from developing these health concerns. In fact, research has shown nurses, midwives and students are likely to be at a greater risk of developing substance use concerns than the general community.

We are aware that some of our colleagues enter the profession having experienced alcohol or other drug use concerns which can be exacerbated by their work. We encourage them to continue their successful management strategies and self-care practices, and to seek help if needed.

Work related stress, exposure to direct or vicarious trauma and physical injury are some of the main risk factors. The individual’s social circumstances, family history and diminished awareness of the impact of their alcohol and drug use also adds to the risk.

Significantly the fear of the ramifications of seeking help, that is being identified, losing their job, their registration and their reputation present as the primary barriers for nurses, midwives and students reaching out for help.

(Holloran & Rivellini, 2000; Dwyer et al, 2002; Berryman, 2003)

The NMHPV provides sensitive and compassionate screening, assessment, referrals, individual support sessions and groups for those seeking help to manage these health concerns. We believe that early intervention is the best way to address health challenges and encourage our colleagues to contact us to discuss how we can best help.

For assistance call 9415 7551 or email admin@nmhp.org.au