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NMHPV assistance is free, confidential and independent and is provided by experienced nurses and midwives.


Mental Health

Each year the NMHPV supports many nurses, midwives and students with their presenting mental health concerns.

Substance Use

Research has shown nurses, midwives and students are likely to be at a greater risk of developing substance use concerns.

Family Violence

As a service focused on health and wellbeing, we are in a unique position to identify our colleagues at risk of family violence.


We behave with honesty and integrity, promoting trust through open, considerate and respectful engagement with each other and all stakeholders.


We treat each other and all stakeholders fairly and equally, recognising the richness of diversity and respecting every individual’s value and contribution.


We afford each other and all stakeholders the opportunity to collaborate and share

in professional and authentic communication.


We are authentic in our care for ourselves, each other and all stakeholders, demonstrating empathy and compassion in our engagement.

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